Purpose-driven friend

shift from scattered to calmly focused and fulfilled.

When you’re stuck at a crossroads,

wondering how to thrive in a fulfilling life

helping others experience

freedom, worth, belonging and vitality…

while balancing your family, income and wellness…

Do you know where to start?

Does this sound like you?

The role, job or business you once loved doesn’t fit anymore.

You feel restless yet burnt out. Your days seem filled with nothingness, things aren’t turning out the way you hoped, and it feels like a piece of the real you is locked away.

You ache to feel alive again.

Then there’s the big dream that keeps you up at night. That dream you’re not sure you’re allowed to dare to dream. It would mean a shift that requires gumption and courage to stand up and be seen in a new way…

Writing a book or starting a profitable blog to inspire others through your experiences
⇒ Creating a dynamic, fun yet meaningful life with what you love to do
⇒ Starting a movement
⇒ Becoming a coach or thought leader to bring hope and transformation
⇒ Upleveling your online business and influence

You’re at crossroads:
Are you ready for more of the same… or a new direction and approach?

Time is ticking.

If not now... when?

Hi, I'm Emily

I’m all about bringing

purpose-driven entrepreneurs

clarity to your decisions, worth and direction

so that you can make impact and income through your God-dream.

Imagine this:


⇒ You wake up each morning excited about a meaningful dream and the clear actions steps that make your days fulfilling

⇒ You’re confident in encouraging the people you’re meant to serve and how to balance your life with projects important to you.

⇒ You’re at peace with your personality, strengths and experiences – even the painful, awkward ones – because you see their potential in a bigger story.

⇒ You believe in yourself and have the courage to thrive in your God-given calling.

I get chills of anticipation when I think of that for you!

You WANT this.

But you’ve hit a wall. Distractions overwhelm your day, your mind and your faith.

There’s hope for you!

Together we can clear the clutter of what others have said you can’t be and shouldn’t do.

Let’s get you reconnected to who you were meant to be.

Let’s figure out your dream and break it down into manageable steps so you feel alive and excited about your life again.


You won’t be the same afterward.

Pursuing your dream can shape you to be the person your dream and calling need you to be.

Interested in working together?

Here are a few ways I can help you.


Want encouragement while you’re figuring out the ups + downs of living a making the impact you feel called to?

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I’m here to inspire you in creating the impact you feel called to make with a business, life and venture you find fulfilling and fun.

Learn more about which coaching program will help you get the clarity and confidence you need at your crossroads.


Need help figuring out your new direction for your purpose, dream or niche? Need support moving from fear and lack to courage and abundance?

These are just a few of the challenges I can help you with.

Ready for the adventure?


Transformation Stories

What’s meant for me? What isn’t? Why do I have great ideas but no motivation to start them, or see them through?… I have two major things in my life, which do I choose, which one is right?

These are the questions that I brought to Emily, confused. I was stressed out, with no direction and an overwhelming, wow-sized vision. 

Emily took all of this, the confusion, the million things I like to do, the wonderful ideas I had, the giant vision I believe is a call for my life, the two things that I was trying to choose between… and she helped me make sense of it all.

April Mimms


“I knew of God’s call for my life, and I knew that my purpose statement was bigger than I could handle. Overwhelmed with so much to do and having no idea where to start, I found myself in a rut.

When Emily and I started meeting weekly, not only was I able to come up with a step-by-step action plan, but I was able to let go of withstanding beliefs I had in order to discover my heart’s desire. Today I am launched and confident in pursuing my own life transformation business.”

Ash-Lee Schroeder

Transformation Coach

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