Vision Board Retreat 2022

Reconnect with who you are, why you’re here, where you’re going and what’s most important to you.

Create your Purpose-Infused Vision Board with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and authors Sept 2+5.


Get clear on the dreams and message on your heart – and what’s possible for your future

Purposeful Fun

Have fun. Be inspired with  other purpose-driven entrepreneurs as they clarify their own path

Vision Board

Take home a reminder of your purpose, dreams and impact  aligned with what’s important

Save your spot at the Vision Board Workshop by Sept 1, 6:30pm EST








Dear purpose-driven, entrepreneurial friend,

You have a gift, message or a story you’re ready to share.

…it’s time to take care of yourself and discover what’s
meaningful AND fun.
…it’s time to design a path for fulfilling, profitable work and an enjoyable life.
…you can be done hustling and hiding, and
be true to yourself and trust God as you partner with Him in the calling he’s given you.
The adventure ahead will require TRUST, RESOURCEFULNESS and RESILIANCE.
It will require constantly realigning your focus, presence and mindset, which is why

 it’s time to create your Purpose-Infused Vision Board

Have you made a vision board before?
My first experiences weren’t great.

2013 //
My husband and I made our first vision board.
We were told to DREAM up big achievements, find pictures and glue them to poster
board, and this would help us attract these achievements in our lives. The vision
board sat on our shelf for a month, a yellow cluttered collage that looked
GAUDY. Months later, I didn’t even want those things. I threw it out.

2016 //
We attended an entrepreneurial mindset conference, where we
created our second vision boards. Same instructions. This is the year I
made significant decisions in my calling to write a book and fully commit
to coaching. We made huge progress in our goals, but the cluttered
vision boards still ended up in the trash.

2018 //
Was there a way to make a vision board that didn’t make me stressed or 
nauseous, I wondered? One that felt aligned with who I was (BEING), and
not as focused on what I achieved and gained (DOING)?

That’s when I made a vision board that inspired me to visualize the life I
felt called to and to trust God with my desires and goals. Seeing the
board connected to my heart, and reminded me to walk out my roles
mom, wife, author, coach and leader, from a place of peace and
confidence rather than striving.

Since then, I’ve offered numerous intimate
Purpose-Driven Vision Board Retreats.

Each year clients return because they value the prayerful, creative space held for them AND experience the wonder of results, character growth and God at work throughout the year.

Vision Board Virtual Retreat - September 2 | 7:00 pm

    Priming & Creating
Friday, September 2, 2022
7:00 – 10:00 pm EST
Location: Zoom

Monday, September 5, 2022
7:00 – 9:00 pm EST
Location: Zoom

Value: $97 … however for this special Labour Day Weekend, this vision board retreat you are invited to pay what you CAN or pay what you NEED to to get the most out of the experience.

We show up for what we value — to the degree we need and value it, and that’s different for everyone. If you can’t afford to pay much but know you need to set this time aside for others and be in the company of other heart-centered humans — pay what you can, and come. If you have been blessed financially and know you won’t prioritize this without investing $$$ in yourself, pay what you need to.

Why you want to reserve your spot ASAP: The sooner you reserve your spot, the more time you have to access to preparation details. This includes a custom tutorial of Canva if you choose to make a digital board to have printed (cost not included), and an intro to the materials needed and ideas for a poster vision board with magazines.


Vision Board Virtual Retreat VIP Upgrade

With this upgrade option, you get the full retreat experience listed above PLUS…

PLUS: 75 min 1:1 Breakthrough Intensive

1 75 min coaching call to cut through scatteredness and create a doable strategy you ACTUALLY (without sacrificing what’s most important)

With the inspiration of creating your vision board at its peak, it’s time to build momentum in those first crucial 21 days. We’ll schedule your coaching call within a week of the retreat. When you connect with a calling dream, resistance rises. It can appear as fear, self-doubt, distractions, or conflict with others, or just not knowing where to start.  With a 1:1 75-minute coaching call, we’ll dive into your doubts and redirect your distractions with faith, focus and your breakthrough action steps.

3 Weeks of Support – September

With personal access to me via a special client portal, you’ll be able to share your aha moments, track your action steps and invite accountability so you can build momentum through these first crucial 21 days.

$297 CND ($394 Value)

Limited spaces available. Must be booked by 10pm EST, September 5, 2022. You’ll receive an invitation to this upgrade via email after you register for the retreat.


Why make a vision board?

Without clarity and confidence in who we are, what lights us up and where we’re headed, it’s easy to drift. You’re meant for more than settling and just surviving life. And that dream to write a book, get serious about your business idea, share your message is there for a reason. Whether you’re a natural dreamer or practical supporter, the creative process and visual reminder can help you move through the blah.

Who’s got time to dream?

There’s always stuff to get done – especially heading into a new year! Sometimes making time to dream and plan seems like dessert when it’s really the vitamins. This event is a fun way to hold space for your heart and for what’s important – beyond the distractions and the urgent.

Already have a vision board?

Awesome! Then you’ve had a glimpse of the power of its potential! This Purpose Infused Vision Board is more than a collage of nice things, to-do lists and big goals. We’ll uncover what you truly desire and the feelings that drive everything you do, and capture the essence of who you’re becoming.

Then what?

Inspiration will only get you so far. That’s why I’ve created a bonus ACTIONING SESSION to let your collage settle into your spirit, verbalize your intentions, and create your first doable action steps. This is one of the favourite parts of the retreat! Participants hear the story behind each participant’s vision board, and feel seen without judgement and encouraged.

Ready for fresh clarity and inspiration?

Click above to RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Get your Guided Reflection Tools

Watch your inbox for instructions for the retreat as well as the tools you’ll need to help you get mentally, spiritually and emotionally prepared.

Join in purposeful fun!

Come prepared for a clarity, awakening and a good time with other heart-centered entrepreneurs and creatives.

Oh my goodness what a huuuge change I’ve noticed in my life since the vision board class. The most important area that has grown is my faith and it was definitely an area that needed it. I joined a Bible study and every Tuesday I’m learning and growing so much in my faith.

I also have become more confident in who I am. Within a month of the retreat, I had become the most successful in my skincare side business than I had been in years. I’ve decided to stay home instead of going back to work…so Aloette will be my main source of income now and I’ve been more committed to it than I ever have.

I’ve also been getting outside every day and I’ve been more active (all on my vision board). Next, I want to focus on more entrepreneurial endeavors and my weight loss goals. I’m just SO thankful for the opportunity to join this vision board class. Thank you so so much!!


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