Signature Support - Emily Grabatin

Clarity, Courage + Purposeful Action

4 months of 1:1 coaching, support, encouragement

Imagine this:


You’ve discovered the meaning, traction and fulfillment… at home, in your work, in your creative contribution

You’re making consistent income and impact doing what you love
You’re living the majority of your day doing what energizes you 
Because you exactly who you’re called to serve, hopeless lives feel whole, lonely souls have found belonging
You’re at peace, present and guilt-free balancing your life, family, self-care, spiritual life and impact
You have a clear path to your God-given dreams as a writer, thought-leader, movement-champion, storyteller, hope-bringer, creative…

Are you ready...

… to get clear on what you REALLY want — and what’s been holding you back from thriving?

to get uncomfortable, take courageous action and let go of mindsets, habits and distractions so you can feel fulfilled?

… to commit to creating a more fulfilling life so that you have renewed energy and life for your family and those you serve?

… for long-term support, encouragement and strategy in navigating these crossroads and this shift in your life, business and purpose?

How does it work?

Book a zero pressure
so we can get acquainted

CHAT through your dream, blocks and the kind of support you need to see if we’re a good fit to work together. I want the best decision for you, too.

BEGIN a journey of personalized support, clarity and progress in your purpose, direction or strategy.

You don't have to figure it out alone


The story you’re living is one-of-a-kind.


Here’s how I can help you live the story you want to tell.

Using three or four of the modules below, you and I will personalize a one-on-one coaching program that will spark the clarity and confidence you need to have the impact and influence you feel called to.

Some days will be tougher than others, so I’ll be around to infuse hope, help you stay connected to your dream, as well as celebrate the wins as you build traction with your action steps.


Build confidence

Recognize and strengthen your unique gifts and presence

Release resentment and guilt


Discover what you really want
(and don’t want)

Uncover what success means to you

Tune into the calling on your heart and what God’s been saying to you


Discover what’s holding you back

Overcome fear that’s making you feel powerless

Renew your mind with habits + beliefs that inspire peace and hope


Compose daily rhythms that help you feel alive, creative and energized

Maximize your productivity in a way that fits your lifestyle and reality


Balance giving and receiving with life-giving Dare Friends  that keep you focused and inspired

Learn ways you can confidently handle opinions, criticism and misunderstandings pursing your dream 


Unfreeze by identifying where to start

Evaluate your options wisely

Create a clear strategy that activates confidence


Know your compelling story

Craft authentic, magnetic content for your emails, blog, website and/or social media

Transform your pain and shame into gifts of hope and healing for others


Identify who needs your story, message and offer

Discover where they hang out

Attract and engage the people who need your help


Create a feel-good action plan to launch your dream

Catalyze your success by creating energizing mini-habits & milestones

Evaluate what’s working along the way with accountability and support


What you get:

♦ Complimentary 30-Minute Clarity Call to make sure we’re a good fit working together, to clarify intentions, talk through hesitations and solidify details

♦ 8 video transformational coaching calls via Zoom at 60 minutes each (recording provide so you can revisit your AHA moments)

♦ Welcome surveys created to help us gain clarity on what you want to accomplish over 4 months. This helps our time together be intensely focused on getting you where you want to be.

♦ Weekly action in the coaching portal to keep you on track between sessions

♦ Email or Voxer support for when you need a little extra boost or inspiration

♦ Recommended resources to inspire progress towards success as needed (i.e. worksheets, guides, books, videos)

4 months of support

$1200 paid in full


Four monthly installments of $300


*Prices are in Canadian funds. Applicable currency exchange applies.

Ready to live your adventure?


Transformation Stories

Emily helped me sort through and understand what I was truly passionate about and how I could bring my dream to life. 

Her patient yet intuitive style of coaching enabled me to make sense of seemingly conflicting interests and circumstances. As a result, I was able to achieve the clarity and perspective I needed.

Private Client

Business owner + Entrepreneur

Life seems all-consuming with two little ones. I found that through the coaching time that was set aside, I was forced – in a good way 🙂 to focus on me so I can be the best mom/wife/friend/person that I can be and fulfill who God’s called me to be.

I came to Emily unable to commit to the gifts that God had placed inside of me. Now I feel much more settled with my calling. There has been such a deep deep defining change within, the knowledge and experience has forever changed my life.

Jessica Smethurst

Mom, Wife + Worship Leader

"Often the very things that you think have disqualified you are the ones that qualify you to do what God has called you to do."

Christine Caine

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