From the moment you wake up, every choice you have to make or thought you need to weigh out consumes your brain calories. So at the end of the day or in periods of change, it’s no wonder your mind feels like mush.

Studies call this decision fatigue.

The trouble with decision fatigue is that it ends up causing more stress and undermining our better judgment. We disappoint ourselves and then feel guilty about it, which spurs the cycle all over again.

One simple way to relieve decision fatigue in your life is with meal planning. If you’ve ever stared into the fridge at 5pm, wondering what to throw together and call it dinner… I’ve got the perfect interview for you!

Kare Maryn is a teacher turned personal family chef turned kitchen coach. She gets what it’s like to juggle a busy momlife. Unlike me, she actually enjoys her kitchen and loves inspiring people with ways to manage their time in the kitchen.

In this conversation, we share

  • how meal planning can be relief for decision fatigue
  • what Karey discovered families REALLY want when they joke about her coming to cook for their family
  • ways to effectively and efficiently manage your time in the kitchen… so you can let go of mom guilt and have energy and time for what matters

Plus I share my magical soup story, inspired by Karey’s lovely soup recipes!

You can find out more about Crocktober and Karey’s tips here

Do you have a way you reduce stress in the kitchen around meals? Share your hacks in the comments!

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